La Peñita and the Region

La peñita de Jaltemba

La Peñita de Jaltemba is a small town of approx. eight thousand that quickly doubles during the “high-season” (November – May) with mostly Canadians and Americans. Known largely as a fishing village, La Peñita is located on a bay recognized as the “largest natural swimming pool in the world.” La Peñita is also best known for its large tropical fruit and world-famous coffee which is grown in the Sierra Madres Mountains directly behind our home.

La Tienga, the local market in La Peñita every Thursday, is something that has to be seen and experienced. Local fine craftsmen, farmers and bakers come from all over the region to sell their goods. The market is located in the main square of La Peñita, stretching for five city blocks.

The village also offers many wonderful restaurants, featuring a variety of national and international cuisine. You can spend the entire day on our many beaches enjoying a variety of food or beverages.  Whether for a sun-filled lunch or romantic dinner, you will have many options to choose from.

The legend of La Peñita and its name comes from the island directly in front of our home. It is said that this is where the Spanish galleons anchored their ships on the ocean side of the island, rowed inland and captured this region. The only inhabitants they did not conquer were the Huichol Indians who retreated to the mountains behind our home. The Huichol still live in the mountains today as they did then for the most part, completely untouched by all of the modern conveniences of today. They maintain their beliefs in family, food, medicine and art. Their artwork is absolutely incredible. They still do their beadwork, baskets, wax and thread artwork, dyeing and weaving by hand. Some of their work can take as much as 7 months to complete. They come to the market every Thursday and offer their art for sale.